Why Get Leaf Removal Services...

According to recent findings in horticulture, leaving the grass clippings on the lawn is considered beneficial – they make an organic supplemental source of nourishment for the soil. From this point of view, you have little to worry about. However, just as our body hygiene preserves our health, your lawn and landscape cleaning preserves their looks and functionality.

  • If you leave spring vegetation debris lying around you risk to literally invite weeds, pests and spring diseases to evolve on your property, especially since the leftovers are still moist or rotten.
  • You risk allowing snow mold to evolve, together with mildew and rot diseases that can impact the healthy growth of spring vegetation.
  • Fall cleanups are mandatory to protect your property from snow-related diseases and to keep pests and wildlife at bay. You really don’t want rats, mice and cockroaches roaming around just because you didn’t remove dead wet leaves from the ground.
  • Constantly cleaning your property of organic and inorganic leftovers allows the soil to breathe, the sun’s light and warmth to reach the plants’ roots, fertilizers to infiltrate deep and weeds / pests to stay away from your turf.

Performance Lawns Spring / Fall Cleanups Services

Our services are a part of our annual lawn and landscape maintenance program including the removal and disposal of all your undesirable lawn refuse. Our seasonal services should also be paired with our shrub pruning and perennial bed clearing services so you can make sure that your landscape is neat and rejuvenated and all leftover vegetation are removed.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Our employees are specialized in their field of expertise and constantly trained to meet and exceed industry’s standards. They use the latest equipment and the best techniques so you can enjoy a lush and healthy landscape all year long. We use top of the line leaf blowers, debris collecting equipment, and safe inorganic debris removal techniques.
  • No matter how hard or easy a cleanup is, we also come with an insurance policy that guarantees our workers’ and your property’s safety.
  • All our workers wear the proper uniforms and gear when implementing such services and all our vehicles and trucks are properly equipped to handle all possible tasks or problems.
  • We make sure that each of our cleaning sessions are performed at the highest standards, that your property gates are closed after we leave and that there is no debris or environmental threat left behind.