Lawn Mowing Service

We offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing services in Mt. Juliet, TN. To keep your lawn looking lush green and healthy it is important to maintain it regularly, we recommend having your grass cut weekly to have the best looking lawn. If you want to know more about our grass mowing services and everything that is included with them…..

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Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilization and weed control services enhance your lawn’s health with proper nutrition and weed prevention an elimination. Don’t let weeds take over your grass starving it from the nutrients and water that it needs to look great. We are licensed Tennessee fertilization and weed control experts, to learn more about our lawn treatment services…

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Landscape Maintenance

One of the biggest impacts you can make on the curb appeal of your home is to properly maintain your landscape and flowerbeds. Our landscape maintenance services include bush trimming , de-weeding flowerbeds, and mulch installation. To learn more about our landscape maintenance services and how they can make your home or business look great…..

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 Bush Hogging

Do you have a large or empty commercial property that is overgrown and needs to be cut down or needs to be maintained regularly but doesn’t need the attention to detail that a normal mowing service would provide or a portion of your property that just needs to be bush hogged? If this is the type of service you are looking for then…

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Lawn or Core Aeration is one of the most overlooked and most valuable services you can perform on your lawn to improve its ability to absorb nutrients from fertilization and get the maximum benefit from irrigation. To learn about when and how often you should have your lawn aerated…

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Lawn Seeding

Lawn seeding is one of the most cost effective ways to start or repair a lawn, but proper application and care are essential to a successful project. Performance Lawns has over 15 years of experience in the lawn care industry and has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure you get the yard of your dreams. To learn more about applying grass seed to your property….

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Irrigation Maintenance

One of the keys to having a lush green lawn is proper irrigation. This is easily done by having a irrigation system that is properly maintained and adjusted to adequately water the yard on a consistent basis. Our sprinkler system maintenance services will keep your sprinkler system working properly and we can also repair any problems you may have. To learn about all of the irrigation maintenance services we provide…

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Backflow Testing

One of the routine maintenance items on a sprinkler system is having your backflow tested. Not only is this a requirement from the state but it also protects you and the community from polluting the water going in to your home or business. To learn more about backflow devices and having them tested….

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Leaf Removal / Fall Clean-up

When the leaves are changing colors it is a beautiful site here in Tennessee but once they reach the ground and all turn brown they are a lot of work to get rid of. Whether you prefer to have the leaves removed or just mulched in to the lawn, Performance Lawns has the equipment and staff needed to get the job done. To learn more about our fall clean-up and leaf removal services…

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Mosquito Control

Not only are mosquitoes a pain when they bite you, they are also a health concern because of the diseases they carry. To enjoy the outdoor area around your home especially in the evening when the temperatures have dropped you need to have a way to protect yourself from the mosquitoes. To learn more about our mosquito control services…

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Pest Control / Flea & Tick Control

Outdoor pests and fleas & ticks can be a nuisance for you and your pets. The best way to control them is to start with the source, outside of your home. Our flea & tick and other outdoor pest control services are most effective as a recurring service that not only kills the bugs but also works towards preventing them. To learn more about our outdoor pest control services…

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Tree & Shrub Treatment

To have healthy trees and shrubs it is necessary to have them treated consistently. Tree and shrub treatments will keep them healthy and prevent them from getting harmful diseases and pests that can inhibit their growth. To learn  more about how tree and shrub treatments can improve the health and appearance of your greenery…

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Snow Removal

The Nashville area gets about 7 inches of snowfall each year. When there is snow on the ground it is important to keep your home and business driveways and sidewalks cleared of snow and deiced so you can safely drive and walk. To learn more about our snow removal services....

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